How to be Swedish : a quick guide to swedishness - in 55 steps

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Are you going to travel to Sweden? Or moving there for your studies, work, or love? Are you afraid of a Swedish culture shock? Matthias, a "professional new-Swede", explains how to act like a typical Swede, in 55 easy steps. For example, in this book you’ll learn how to: Interact with Swedes, without embarrassing yourself Celebrate Swedish traditions Flirt like a Swede Find out why: … Swedes are obsessed with sunshine, nature and a socializing activity called Fika … Swedes don’t work in July … Swede's dance like little frogs around a pole that looks like a gigantic phallus … and many more steps how to smoothly blend in among Swedes. Learn what Swedish people fear and desire. This Sweden guide will get you prepared for a fantastic time in Sweden.